Associate Director, Relationship Manager

HSBC Global Private Banking, Singapore

Have you met an employer who doesn’t put a ceiling on career progression?

I have.

What is your career trajectory during your 17 years with HSBC?

I joined HSBC in 2007 as a Personal Wealth Manager at the Serangoon Gardens Branch after graduating from university.
In 2009, I was promoted to Premier Relationship Manager, and in 2012, I was given the opportunity to lead a team and take on the role of Premier Relationship Manager Team Head.

After gaining the experience of leading a team, I wanted to continue in a role as an individual contributor, partnering with clients in their wealth journey. I was given the opportunity to cover the high-net-worth offshore clients segment at the International Wealth Hub, Wealth and Personal Banking, where I worked for the next eight years, till 2022.

Then in 2023, I was promoted to Relationship Manager at HSBC Global Private Banking, covering Singapore and ASEAN clients.

What has motivated you to work at HSBC for 17 years?

One, HSBC covers the whole wealth continuum of customers, so we can move up the wealth continuum whether with existing customers or new customers coming in.

Two, HSBC is one of the world’s largest international banking and financial services organisations. From Premier to Global Private Banking, we have onshore customers in Singapore and offshore customers who are based in other markets. To relationship managers, it means more business opportunities from a bigger customer base, and more career progression opportunities that aren’t confined to one single market.

Three, the bank is growing in Asia, especially in recent years in wealth management. It not only creates more job opportunities but also more resources to help you progress.

Four, HSBC has a sound talent management system that supports employees in their career development. Alongside a built-in openness in the bank’s culture to respect our career aspirations, that makes career mobility more possible.

Have you ever thought of leaving HSBC?

Nowadays, all banks are fighting for wealth management talent. But if you value career growth opportunities in the long run, a people-centric culture, access to resourceful training, and most importantly you trust the ability of your employer in their future prospects, then it is an easy choice to make. I am still able to see growth opportunities here at HSBC as our South Asia business is expanding solidly.

What is your next career goal?

I would like to continue developing myself within private banking to unlock opportunities for my clients and help them achieve their goals.