How we learn together

Learning fuels innovation. It empowers us to embrace change and break down barriers so everyone has access to opportunities. We’re investing in the skills and technology needed across our global network to build an inclusive and sustainable future.

Navigating the future of work

We’re empowering our people to learn with and from each other, our customers and our partners.

We encourage collaboration, the pursuit of new skills and diverse thinking through our extensive training and mentoring programmes.

We use our collective capacity to innovate and find new opportunities to shape the future both inside our organisation and in wider society.

The skills that matter

As technology advances, human skills will continue to be crucial. We’re supporting our people to build the personal skills that form the foundation to develop new skills across digital, data and sustainability.

New trends, technologies and sustainable practices are changing the way we live and work. Adopting a mindset of continuous learning will enable us to be ready for what’s next.

1 billion
Fact: 1 billion people will need to reskill by 2030
Source: World Economic Forum

Commit to curiosity

Learn how to unlock this important skill to benefit the way you work.

Harnessing big data

See how we use data analytics and machine learning to improve banking for our customers.

Inspire your creativity

Understand how to use creative thinking to solve problems in new ways.

Innovation with purpose

Find out what innovation means to our colleagues who are developing digital solutions across the bank.

Learning at HSBC

We give our people the option to train, upskill and obtain qualifications in a way that’s right for them. We offer on-site HSBC University training in the UAE, Mexico and the UK, online courses and opportunities outside the classroom through volunteering. We’re working to ensure everyone has the skills needed for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Investing in development through HSBC University

Fact: our employees completed 5.3 million hours of training in 2023.
Fact: 23.9 hours of training time was carried out per full-time employee in 2023, compared with 28.8 hours per full-time employee in 2022.

Skill-building in the community

We’re committed to supporting both our own people and those in our communities. Our partnerships with governments, businesses and non-profit organisations are helping to build skills and work towards a fairer society. Colleagues are playing a key role by volunteering their time and skills.

Creating opportunities for hearing-impaired students

Our community partner and HSBC volunteers are supporting people to learn new skills and secure multimedia jobs in India.

Supporting a bright future in Australia

HSBC is helping Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to attend leading schools and universities.

Help Me Read scheme delivers real-life success stories

HSBC mentors are supporting underprivileged young people to start exciting new chapters in their lives.

Supporting communities

Fact: more than 6.6 million people have benefited from HSBC-funded employability and financial capability programmes since 2018
Fact: our employees spent more than 181,800 hours volunteering during working hours in 2023.
Fact: the bank’s total cash giving towards charitable programmes in 2022 was 107.3 million US dollars.

Want to join us?

Explore how a career with us will give you the opportunity to learn, make connections all over the world and help build the bank for the future.

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