Manage your shareholding

Shareholders can access their account online via the Computershare website.

Using this service, which is provided by HSBC’s registrars, will allow you to see your shareholding and dividend payments, amend your personal details, receive email updates and request for dividends to be paid directly into your bank account. Please see the details below for information on how to sign up.

Please note that neither HSBC or Computershare will call you directly regarding your shareholding account or personal details. If in doubt, contact the relevant registrar via our Investor contacts page.

HSBC has appointed Georgeson to help to reunite shareholders with their unclaimed entitlements. These entitlements may consist of unclaimed dividends. See the bottom of this page for further details.

Register for and access Computershare

To sign up or log in to the Computershare website, please select from the links below according to the location in which your shares are registered:

To register, you will need your Shareholder Reference Number, which can be found on your share certificates, dividend tax vouchers, and other shareholder communications.

Investor FAQs

Visit our frequently asked questions to find additional information about shareholding, financial reporting, dividends, taxation and HSBC listed stock symbols.

Corporate communications

Shareholders will be informed when corporate communications and actionable corporate communications (“Corporate Communications”) are available by electronic means if they have registered their email addresses. The Corporate Communications are also available on our reporting page and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange website (opens in new window). The documents we make available electronically include the Annual Report and Accounts; Strategic Report; Interim Report; notices of shareholders’ meetings; and circulars.

Shareholders can sign up to receive Corporate Communications from HSBC by email on the Computershare website. Please select one of the following links (note that you will require your Shareholder Reference Number):

Once you have signed up for electronic communication, we will send you an email each time a new document is made available. Email addresses will not be used for any purpose other than communicating with you as a shareholder.

Receiving Corporate Communications by email is more environmentally friendly and cost-effective than sending printed copies in the post.

You may revoke your registration or request a printed copy of any shareholder communication from the Registrars, at any time. You can find the relevant registrar contact details on the Investor contacts page. Please note that such printed copy instruction shall be valid for one year starting from the receipt date of your instruction, or until the instructions have been revoked or superseded, whichever is earlier.

Please note that in certain circumstances we may be unable to send documents by email, for example, due to local laws that may restrict this. In such cases, we reserve the right to send printed copies of the relevant document or information.

If your electronic submission is not received, you are deemed to have consent to receive the website version of all Corporate Communications, and a notification of the publication of the Corporate Communications on our website will be sent to you. If you have not supplied a functional email address or registered to be sent hard copies, or you are deemed to have consent to receive the website version, we will notify you by post when Corporate Communications become available on the website.

Providing your bank account details for dividend payments

If you are in the United Kingdom, United States or Hong Kong and you receive your dividends in UK sterling, US dollars or Hong Kong dollars* (*shareholders on the Hong Kong Overseas Branch register only), the most secure approach is to do this online.

Please visit Investor Centre UK (opens in new window) or, if you hold shares on the Hong Kong Overseas Branch register, Investor Centre Hong Kong (opens in new window).

If you are already registered for Investor Centre, go to Investor Centre and enter your User ID and Password. Once logged in, select the tab ‘Update my Details’ followed by the option ‘Bank Instructions Update’.

If you are not already registered with Investor Centre and would like to register, go to Investor Centre and click on the ‘Register’ button. Then follow the on-screen prompts.

For most other overseas shareholders on the UK Principal Register it is now possible to elect to receive your dividend in other currencies. To sign up, please go to the ‘Update my Details’ tab on Investor Centre UK (opens in new window), select ‘Global Payments’ and add your Global Dividend mandate.

Lost shareholders

HSBC has appointed Georgeson – a business specialising in reuniting people with their forgotten and unclaimed assets – to help shareholders to recover their unclaimed entitlements. These entitlements may consist of unclaimed dividends.

Should you have received a letter from Georgeson, please contact them on the telephone numbers or email address provided, or for further information, please visit the Georgeson website (opens in new window)