ESG and responsible business

Our commitment to sustainable growth

Meeting our responsibilities

We are committed to building a business for the long term, developing relationships that last. We maintain high standards of governance and meet our responsibilities to society. And we monitor and regularly publish updates on our ESG performance.

At HSBC, we are committed to sustainable growth, as our Group Chief Executive Noel Quinn explains:

“How we do business is as important as what we do. Reporting on our environmental, social and governance performance transparently is essential to building stakeholder confidence and creating value for all our stakeholders. Our ESG review – together with other publications – accords with our reporting obligations under terms of the UN Global Compact and renews our commitment to the Compact’s principles.”

Our business has an impact on people all over the world – including customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, investors, and the wider communities we serve. Being sustainable means building strong relationships with these stakeholders and taking into account the issues that matter to them.

We use our international expertise to connect our customers to opportunities around the world.

We are powering new solutions to the climate crisis and supporting the transition to a low-carbon future.

We are building an inclusive organisation that prioritises well-being, invests in learning and careers and prepares our colleagues for the future of work.

And we uphold high standards of corporate governance and ensure we meet our responsibilities to society.

We publish a wide range of information on our performance in relation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Below you can access our ESG reporting resources and find out more about how we support our different stakeholder groups and do business in a responsible way.

ESG documents

Download the latest documents related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

ESG contacts

If you have an enquiry about environmental, social and governance issues, please email

ESG reporting centre

Access our ESG reports, policies and statements, and find details of our sustainability memberships.

Sustainability risk

Download our sector-specific sustainability risk policies and get details of how we apply the Equator Principles.

Our climate strategy

We’re focused on helping to deliver a net zero global economy by transforming ourselves and working with our customers to make their own transition.

Our people and communities

We are committed to helping our people to develop their skills in an inclusive environment – and to supporting the communities where we operate.

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Leadership and governance

Meet our board of directors and senior management and find out more about our approach to corporate governance.

Operating responsibly

Fighting financial crime

Find out more about the steps we are taking to protect the financial system.

Managing risk

Active risk management helps us achieve our strategy, serve our customers and grow safely.

Tax transparency

We apply the spirit as well as the letter of the law in all territories where we operate, and have adopted the UK Code of Practice for the Taxation of Banks.

Health and safety

At HSBC, we are committed to providing a safe physical environment for our customers and employees as well as those who work with us.

Working with suppliers

We are committed to the fair treatment of the businesses who supply goods and services to HSBC – and expect them to operate responsibly, in line with our values.

Modern Slavery Act

The UK’s Modern Slavery Act came into force in 2015. On this page, HSBC explains how it applies policies and procedures under the provision of this Act.

Our conduct

Operating with high standards of conduct is central to our long-term success. We have processes, policies and a culture designed to ensure fair outcomes for customers and protect the integrity of financial markets.

Operational risk

Find out how we monitor and manage operational risk, and read more on our approach to data privacy and cybersecurity.

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