Fixed income investors

We have a diversified business and a strong capital position

HSBC issues a variety of securities at a Group and subsidiary level. In this section you can find out more about them and download prospectuses and other key documents.

Final terms and supplements

Find final terms or prospectus supplements for individual debt issuances made by HSBC Holdings plc and its subsidiary companies.

Fixed income Zoom meeting

We held a fixed income conference call via Zoom at 2 pm GMT / 10 pm HKT on Wednesday, 21 February following the publication of our Annual Results 2023.

Issuance programmes

Find copies of the Group’s primary base documentation.

Covered bonds

Investor reports for HSBC’s covered bond programmes.

Regulatory debt main features

Find out more about the capital securities issued by relevant HSBC entities.

Credit ratings

Check how HSBC Holdings plc and its subsidiaries are rated by the world’s leading credit rating agencies.

Green and sustainability bonds

Read details of the green bonds issued by HSBC and our Green Bond Framework.

1Q 2024 Earnings Release

HSBC Holdings plc announced its 1Q 2024 Earnings Release on Tuesday, 30 April at 5 am BST / 12 pm HKT. Get the Zoom meeting details and view our reporting archives.

Group structure

HSBC operates via a number of legal entities and branches across the world. Learn more about our structure.