Covered bonds

HSBC currently issues covered bonds though its French entity HSBC SFH (France) and its Canadian business HSBC Bank Canada.

HSBC SFH (France)

You may find details about these bonds and also find copies of the HSBC France Annual and Interim Reports and other regulatory information on the investor relations (opens in new window) section of our French website.

On that site you will be able to view the HSBC SFH bond information in English (opens in new window) (opens in new window) or in French (opens in new window).

HSBC Bank Canada

You can find out more about HSBC Bank Canada’s Legislative Covered Bond Programme, and download monthly investor reports, programme documents and prospectuses, on the HSBC Bank Canada website. Information on the programme is available in English (opens in new window) and French (opens in new window).

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