Consensus, buyback updates and analyst coverage

Consensus financial estimates

Download the latest consensus for HSBC Holdings plc based on the estimates of analysts covering the Group.

Buyback updates

Download the latest buyback update for HSBC Holdings plc.

Equity analyst coverage

To the best of our knowledge, the following brokers and analysts provide investment coverage of HSBC shares on a regular basis.

Broker Analyst Listing covered
Broker:Autonomous Research
Analyst:Alastair Warr
Listing covered:London
Broker:Banco Santander
Analyst:Patrick Lee
Listing covered:London
Broker:Bank of America Securities
Analyst:Alastair Ryan
Listing covered:London
Broker:Barclays Bank PLC
Analyst:Aman Rakkar
Listing covered:London
Broker:Berenberg Bank
Analyst:Peter Richardson
Listing covered:London
Broker:BNP Paribas Exane
Analyst:Guy Stebbings
Listing covered:London
Broker:China securities
Analyst:Kunpeng Ma, Chen Li
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Analyst:Dekai Hou
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Analyst:Andrew Coombs
Listing covered:London
Hong Kong
Analyst:Manyi Lu
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Broker:Deutsche Bank
Analyst:Robert Noble
Listing covered:London
Broker:Goldman Sachs
Analyst:Gurpreet Singh Sahi
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Broker:Haitong International Research
Analyst:Nicole Zhou
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Broker:Intesa Sanpaolo
Analyst:Alberto Cordara
Listing covered:London
Broker:Investec Securities
Analyst:Ian Gordon
Listing covered:London
Analyst:Joseph Dickerson
Listing covered:London
Broker:J P Morgan
Analyst:Katherine Lei
Raul Sinha
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Broker:Keefe Bruyette & Woods
Analyst:Edward Firth
Perlie Mong
Listing covered:London
Analyst:Matthew Clark
Listing covered:London
Broker:Morgan Stanley
Analyst:Nick Lord
Alvaro Serrano
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Analyst:Michael Makdad
Listing covered:Hong Kong
Analyst:Fahed Kunwar
Listing covered:London
Broker:RBC Equities Europe
Analyst:Benjamin Toms
Listing covered:London
Broker:Shore Capital Stockbrokers
Analyst:Gary Greenwood
Listing covered:London
Broker:Societe Generale
Analyst:James Invine
Listing covered:London
Analyst:Jason Napier
Listing covered:London

To the best of HSBC Investor Relations’ knowledge, the companies and individuals listed above provide investment coverage of HSBC Holdings plc, including regular publication of research, estimates and investment advice in relation to HSBC Holdings plc, its subsidiaries and affiliates. HSBC accepts no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or updating of the companies and individuals listed above, and the companies and individuals listed above are under no obligation and may decline to enter into any discussion or provide any information to any person.

This page has been prepared by HSBC Investor Relations for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute endorsement or concurrence with the investment advice provided by the above companies and individuals, in relation to HSBC Holdings plc, its subsidiaries or affiliates, or in relation to any other company. This page is not intended to be promotional material for services offered by HSBC, its subsidiaries or its affiliates, or for the companies or individuals listed above.

Any advice, opinion or estimates, made by the companies or individuals listed above, regarding the performance of HSBC Holdings plc, or its subsidiaries or its associates, are theirs alone and do not represent views of HSBC or its management. By reference to the companies and individuals listed above, HSBC does not imply endorsement or concurrence with advice, opinions or estimates regarding investment in HSBC, its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

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