Annual Report

HSBC Holdings plc’s Annual Report and Accounts 2020, and related documents, are available to download below.

Annual Report by section

Section Description

Strategic Report 2020 (PDF 2MB)

Strategic Report 2020 - Chinese (PDF 6.5MB)

The Strategic Report is the first section of the Annual Report and Accounts. It provides an overview of how we are structured, what we do and where, our strategic plan, the principal risks we face, and high-level performance information.

Environmental, social and governance ('ESG') review (PDF 972KB)

Our Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) review sets out our approach to our climate, customers, employees and governance. It also explains how we aim to achieve our purpose and deliver our strategy in a way that is sustainable and how we build strong relationships with all of our stakeholders; the people who work for us, bank with us, own us, regulate us, live in the societies we serve and the planet we all inhabit.

Financial review (PDF 342KB)

The Financial review gives detailed reporting of our financial performance at Group level as well as across our different global businesses and geographical regions.

Risk review (PDF 882KB)

Our risk review outlines our approach to risk management, how we identify and monitor top and emerging risks, and the actions we take to mitigate them. In addition, it explains our material banking risks, including how we manage capital.

Corporate governance (PDF 780KB)

The Corporate governance report gives details of our Board of Directors, senior management, and Board committees. It outlines key aspects of our approach to corporate governance, including internal control.

It includes the Directors’ remuneration report, which explains our policies on remuneration.

Financial statements (PDF 684KB)

The financial statements provide detailed information and notes on our income, balance sheet, cash flows and changes in equity, alongside a report from our independent auditors.

Additional information (PDF 192KB)

This section gives important information for our shareholders, including contact information. It also includes an overview of key abbreviations and terminology used throughout the Annual Report and Accounts.

Supporting documents

File Description

Pillar 3 Disclosures at 31 December 2020 (PDF 825KB)

Further detailed information on HSBC’s approach to managing risk, capital position and risk-weighted assets.

Glossary: Annual Report and Accounts and Pillar 3 Disclosures 2020 (PDF 104KB)

An explanation of key terms and definitions used in our Annual Report and Accounts and Pillar 3 Disclosures.

HSBC Holdings plc Form 20-F (PDF 5MB)

A form submitted to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission summarising information about HSBC Holdings plc and its activities in 2020.

Form 20-F XBRL data files for download (ZIP 45MB)

Key information from the Form 20-F is available in XBRL format to help analysts access and process data on our 2020 performance.

Printed copies of Annual Report

Shareholders who wish to receive a paper copy of the Annual Report and Accounts should contact HSBC’s registrars. Details can be found on the Investor contacts page.

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