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Our performance in 3Q 2021

Third-quarter highlights

Fact: HSBC’s reported profit before tax in 3Q 2021 was 5.4 billion US dollars. This compares with a reported profit before tax in 3Q 2020 of 3.1 billion US dollars.
Fact: HSBC’s common equity tier 1 ratio was 15.9 per cent. In 2Q 2021, HSBC’s common equity tier 1 ratio was 15.6 per cent.
Fact: Cumulative Risk-Weighted Assets (RWA) saves were 93 billion US dollars. The full year 2022 target is 110 billion dollars of RWA saves.

Supporting the net zero transition

Helping the world go greener

Explore our green finance map to find out how we are supporting sustainable projects globally.

Climate change: our billion dollar ambition for SE Asia

Our new partnership will finance sustainable infrastructure projects over the next five years.

Opening up a world of opportunity

We’re bringing together the people, ideas and capital that nurture progress and growth, helping to create a better world.

Purpose, values and strategy

Our climate strategy

We’re mobilising finance and accelerating innovation to help drive the transition to a global net zero economy.

Digital banking

HSBC is investing in innovative technology to make banking for customers easier and more secure.

Our people and communities

We are committed to helping our people to develop their skills in an inclusive environment – and to supporting the communities where we operate.

Launch your career, shape your future

Discover our student and graduate opportunities, from internships and graduate programmes to work experience, apprenticeships and entry-level positions.

Students and graduates


Why COP26 is the world’s make-or-break climate moment

The summit needs to accelerate global climate policies, says HSBC’s Wai-Shin Chan.

New forms of digital money could spur growth

Central Bank Digital Currencies have the potential to make payments cheaper, says our Group CEO.

Your full supply chain is just a click away

HSBC’s Serai technology platform enables companies to have greater visibility of their supply chains.