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HSBC backs social innovators

How we are supporting pioneering projects to help people develop skills for the future.

  • Bread products in the window of a Danish bakery

    Sub-zero rates are no silver bullet

    Negative interest rates provide a small boost to growth at best, says HSBC’s James Pomeroy.

  • Trade barriers hamper COVID fight

    Open trade and investment has a key role to play in tackling coronavirus.

  • Reimagining insurance

    The insurance industry must learn and adapt as it helps communities affected by COVID-19.

Coronavirus: our response

In Sri Lanka, a boat is being loaded with food parcels

Supporting communities in Asia-Pacific

From food packs to face masks, HSBC donations are boosting COVID-19 recovery programmes.

Social bonds fund COVID-19 response

HSBC has helped clients raise USD19.9 billion to support communities affected by the crisis.

Showing our support in Hong Kong

A USD7.7 million charitable donation is part of the bank’s help for the city during COVID-19.

Who we are

HSBC is one of the world’s leading international banks, with a network that covers 64 countries and territories.

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  • Our businesses and customers

    Our global businesses serve more than 40 million customers worldwide.

  • HSBC in two minutes

    We support businesses to trade and grow and help people to manage their money. Watch this short animation to find out more about us.

Making finance more inclusive

Maxine explains what inspired her to follow a career supporting some of HSBC’s most vulnerable customers.

Maxine’s story

Our approach

Sustainable financing and investments provided since 2017
The cut in carbon emissions per full-time employee since 2011
<p>The amount HSBC contributed to charitable and community projects around the world in 2019</p>

How we do business

Learn more about the action we are taking to meet our wider responsibilities towards the customers and communities we serve.

History timeline

Learn how a local Hong Kong bank became one of the world’s largest financial services organisations.