Climate Solutions Partnership

We’ve joined up with World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF to form a five-year philanthropic partnership to help climate solutions become commercial reality and have real-world impact.

The Climate Solutions Partnership is powered by USD100 million of philanthropic funding from HSBC and, with a network of local partners, aims to scale up climate innovation ventures, nature-based solutions and help to transition the energy sector towards renewables in Asia, by combining our resources, knowledge and insight.

Climate Solutions Partnership (duration 1:26) Find out how we are working with our partners to help climate solutions have real-world impact

Three workstreams

The Partnership is focusing its collective efforts on three global themes: climate-related innovation, nature-based solutions and energy efficiency initiatives in Asia. We see these as having the potential to make a significant impact in the mission to achieve a net zero, resilient and sustainable future.

Climate innovation

Entrepreneurs and start-ups developing cleaner technology often struggle to access the networks, financial backing and business-to-business support required for success. We will support their efforts through mentorship and connect them with organisations interested in supporting their growth.

Taking action now (duration 0:58) Our partnership is helping innovators bring climate solutions to scale

Nature-based solutions

The actions taken toward restoring and protecting our planet’s ecosystems are crucial to reducing carbon emissions. So we are backing projects that help protect and restore biodiversity as well as enhancing human wellbeing, demonstrating how nature-based solutions can be deployed at scale.

Working in harmony with nature (duration 1:03) We’re teaming up with local partners around the world to use nature-based solutions that work for people and the planet

Renewables in Asia

Projects in Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia and Vietnam will help to shift their energy sectors towards renewables, and scale energy-efficiency initiatives in key sectors such as healthcare, textiles and apparel. As Asia accounts for almost half of global energy demand, a successful energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables in this region will have a significant impact in tackling climate change.

Supporting the shift to renewable energy (duration 0:59) Our collaboration in Asia will scale energy efficiency initiatives in key industries

The Partnership in action

A nature-based solution: creating carbon sinks by planting more than 2 million trees in the UK

The National Trust, a charity and membership organisation for heritage conservation, is committed to reforesting five sites across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The aim is to plant more than 2 million trees and create roughly 2,000 hectares of new woodland habitats, locking in 1.25m tonnes of carbon, over the next four years.

Climate innovation: helping clean-technology entrepreneurs chase down GHGs

Innovation hub MaRS is challenging entrepreneurs to reduce the most amount of greenhouse gases in the shortest period of time through their Mission from MaRS Climate Impact Challenge (opens in new window). Ten of the most promising cleantech ventures in Canada are paired with a team of investors, regulators, potential customers and corporate partners to address barriers to success and identify adoption opportunities.

A nature-based solution: improving soil health for a more resilient US food system

The Midwest Row Crop Collaborative project is supporting farmers to drive positive environment outcomes in the Upper Mississippi River Basin through the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices to improve soil health and increase resilience in the US food system.

More on our net zero ambition

Our climate strategy

We’re mobilising finance and accelerating innovation to help drive the transition to a global net zero economy.

Providing sustainable finance

We aim to support customers with between USD750 billion and USD1 trillion in sustainable financing and investment by 2030.

Net zero in our operations

We’ve committed to reducing carbon emissions from our operations and supply chain to net zero by 2030 or sooner.

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