Dividend information and timetable

Dividends are declared in US dollars but can also be paid in UK pounds sterling or Hong Kong dollars at the shareholder’s request.

Payment of dividend on UK register

On the UK share register we no longer pay dividends by cheque. You need to register to receive your dividends direct to your bank account. Shareholders can register or change banking instructions with our registrar Computershare at www.investorcentre.co.uk (opens in new window).

The default currency on the UK register is pounds sterling and can also be paid in Hong Kong dollars or US dollars. You can also register to receive dividends in other currencies. Please register and read the terms and conditions of the Global Dividend Service at www.investorcentre.co.uk (opens in new window).

Payment of dividend on Hong Kong register

The default currency on the Hong Kong register is Hong Kong dollars and can also be paid in US dollars or pounds sterling, or a combination of these currencies. Shareholders can change their dividend election by completing the form below and sending to Computershare Hong Kong Investor Services Limited (Chinese version is for reference only, please only complete the English version).

Hong Kong dividend form (PDF 201KB)

Computershare can arrange for direct credit of Hong Kong dollar cash dividends into your bank account. They can also arrange to send US dollar cheques to the credit of your bank account. Please register for these services at www.investorcentre.com/hk (opens in new window) and provide your bank details.

Payment of dividend on Bermuda register

The default currency on the Bermuda register is US dollars and can also be paid in Hong Kong dollars or pounds sterling, or a combination of these currencies. Shareholders can change their dividend election by completing the form below and sending to the Bermuda Investor Relations Team.

Bermuda dividend form (PDF 68KB)

Payment of dividend on US ADR register

For all queries regarding the ADR dividend, please contact the United States ADR Depositary.

Dividend timetable

The dividend timetable for the current dividend can be found below. Further information of the current dividend will be disclosed in the relevant Results announcement found on our reporting page. The key dates for the quarterly dividend are normally within the periods below.

Final Interim
(previous year)
First Interim Second Interim Third Interim
Announcement of dividend amount
(within results announcement)
Final Interim (previous year):By end February
First Interim:By early May
Second Interim:By early August
Third Interim:By early November
Record date
(normally on a Friday)
Final Interim (previous year):Early March
First Interim:Early May
Second Interim:Early August
Third Interim:Early November
Final date to change dividend currency
Final Interim (previous year):Early April
First Interim:Early June
Second Interim:Early September
Third Interim:Early December
Exchange rate announced for GBP / HKD
Final Interim (previous year):Mid April
First Interim:Mid June
Second Interim:Mid September
Third Interim:Mid December
Payment date
Final Interim (previous year):End April
First Interim:End June
Second Interim:End September
Third Interim:End December

Below you can view the proposed timetable for the current dividend, together with historic values and payments from 1997 to the present.


Dividend Announcement Payment date Value per share Timetable
First interim & Special dividend 30 Apr 2024 21 Jun 2024 US$0.31


Timetable information

  • 30 Apr 2024 Announcement (first interim of US$0.10 and special dividend of US$0.21)
  • 09 May 2024 Shares quoted ex-dividend in London, Hong Kong, New York and Bermuda
  • 10 May 2024 Record date in London, Hong Kong, New York and Bermuda
  • 06 Jun 2024 Election deadline
  • 11 Jun 2024 Exchange rate determined for payment of dividends in sterling and Hong Kong dollars
  • 21 Jun 2024 Payment date

*Year-to-date dividend for the current year. Sterling and Hong Kong dollar equivalents for the current year will be shown when all translated dividend amounts for the year are available.

#The original date of 19 September 2022 was made a Bank Holiday in the United Kingdom due to the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Note: Translated amounts are approximate.

For administrative questions relating to the payment of dividends, please contact the appropriate Registrars, ADR Depository or Paying Agent relating to your HSBC shareholding. Visit the Investor contacts page for details.

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