Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking serves millions of businesses, from small enterprises and mid-market companies to large multinationals, in developed and faster-growing markets around the world. We provide the services and expertise that businesses need to thrive.

Commercial Banking has a network that covers three-quarters of global trade flows. We provide businesses with banking services in their home markets and overseas. These include trade and receivables finance, global liquidity and cash management, multi-currency accounts, commercial cards, overdrafts, working capital finance, insurance, term loans and syndicated, leveraged, acquisition and project finance.

Our role is to bridge any gaps and support our customers to make outbound business easier for them

Opportunities in Commercial Banking

Commercial Banking offers a variety of roles for people interested in helping businesses to succeed. We have a particular focus on companies that aspire to grow internationally and use our global connections and expertise to spot trends in world trade and identify opportunities for our customers. So we typically look for people with an international mindset, who are curious about how business works in different markets and who can build long-term relationships with our customers.

We divide our customers into three groups: business banking (for small businesses), mid-market companies and large corporates. We offer roles including general management and strategy, business development, analysis, support and administration.

Relationship management is at the heart of our business and these teams work closely with customers to build an in-depth understanding of their needs. They require good business judgment and commercial knowledge as well as strong interpersonal skills.

These customer-facing teams are supported by product specialists. As well as having strong technical skills, they often need to be able to liaise with and advise clients. We have two areas of particular expertise:

  • Global Trade and Receivables Finance. We provide the services and financing that exporters and importers need throughout the trade cycle, from the tender process and issuance of a payment order to shipment and sales fulfilment. We cover all industries and specialised financing such as commodities, offering more than 100 trade and receivables products that help customers seize growth opportunities while meeting their working capital, trade risk, supplier and sales finance needs
  • Global Liquidity and Cash Management. We help our business customers to make payments quickly internationally and between different currencies and jurisdictions through our e-banking platforms. We enable clients to improve the visibility and control of their cash and to manage their liquidity effectively. Find out more about careers in Global Liquidity and Cash Management

We also work closely with our colleagues in Global Banking & Markets and Global Private Banking to meet the needs of our customers. A career in Commercial Banking will equip you with a broad perspective and insight into other parts of the organisation.

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