Green and sustainability bonds

HSBC is one of a number of financial institutions that are playing an important role in shaping the fast-developing green bond market.

HSBC is a member of the International Capital Market Association’s (ICMA) Executive Committee for the Green Bond Principles, which are a set of voluntary standards for issuers of green bonds. The HSBC Green Bond represents a further step in supporting investors to meet their objectives while supporting clients to realise opportunities in the low-carbon economy.

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HSBC’s Green Bond Framework is consistent with the current Green Bond Principles, as held by ICMA, and reflects recent guidance by investor groups. HSBC has obtained a second party review from CICERO on the HSBC Green Bond Framework and been certified as ‘Dark Green’.

Issuer Date Title
HSBC Holdings plc October 2020

HSBC Green & SDG Asset Register 2020 (Excel 32KB)

HSBC Holdings and HSBC France October 2020

HSBC Green Bonds report 2020 (PDF 2MB)

PwC Green Bond Assurance report 2020 (PDF 8MB)

HSBC Holdings and HSBC Malaysia October 2020

HSBC SDG bond and Sukuk report 2020 (PDF 2MB)

HSBC SDG Bond and Sukuk Annual Review 2020 - Sustainalytics (7-page PDF 167KB)

HSBC Holdings October 2019

HSBC Green & SDG Asset Register 2019 (Excel 34KB)

HSBC Holdings and HSBC France October 2019

HSBC Green Bonds Report 2019 (9-page PDF 2MB)

PwC assurance report (10-page PDF 3MB)

HSBC Holdings and HSBC Malaysia October 2019

HSBC SDG Bond & Sukuk Report 2019 (8-page PDF 2MB)

HSBC SDG Bond & Sukuk Annual Review 2019 - Sustainalytics (7-page PDF 169KB)

HSBC France November 2018

HSBC structured green bond report 2018 (8-page PDF 1MB)

PwC structured green bond assurance report 2018 (10-page PDF 2MB)

HSBC France November 2018

HSBC Green Bond Report 2018 (9-page PDF 464KB)

PwC assurance report (11-page PDF 662KB)

HSBC Holdings November 2018

HSBC SDG Bond Report 2018 (9-page PDF 560KB)

HSBC SDG Bond Annual Review - Sustainalytics (6-page PDF 149KB)

HSBC Malaysia September 2018

Investor presentation (22-page PDF 947KB)

HSBC France April 2018

HSBC equity linked green bond report (8-page PDF 4MB)

PwC assurance report (10-page PDF 4MB)

HSBC Holdings November 2017

Investor presentation (26-page PDF 834KB)

HSBC France October 2017

HSBC green bond report (8-page PDF 7MB)

PwC assurance report (10-page PDF 996KB)

HSBC France October 2016

HSBC green bond report (8-page PDF 2MB)

PwC assurance report (10-page PDF 827KB)

HSBC France November 2015

Investor presentation (31-page PDF 1009KB)

Final terms (9-page PDF 506KB)


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