Associate Director, Investment Specialist

HSBC Premier, Singapore

What does an investment specialist do?

As an investment specialist for HSBC Premier, my primary responsibilities include communicating and educating relationship managers on our latest house views and investment strategies. Together with my senior relationship managers, I articulate investment ideas and construct investment portfolios in accordance with clients’ investment objectives and risk profiles. With careful selection, we provide investment advisory to enhance our clients’ risk-returns through multi-asset strategies to support their financial needs.

But I didn’t start out my career as an investment specialist.

From Premier Relationship Manager to Associate Relationship Director

I joined HSBC as a Premier Relationship Manager six years ago. I was lucky to meet my then line manager, who shared with me lots of her valuable work experience and career progression experience. These experiences are still etched in my head. Most importantly, I was able to see my future at HSBC.

Soon after, I was promoted to senior relationship manager, and then associate relationship director. After delivering strong results, my managers had increasing faith in my abilities, and my responsibilities grew along with that. In helping my clients grow their wealth, we progressed together whenever the opportunities for promotion presented themselves. In recognition of my efforts, my managers assisted me by offering their strong support, which made the move possible.

From Associate Relationship Director to Investment Specialist

During my time as a relationship manager, I developed a keen interest in investments. It was a continuous learning journey with my seniors and investment specialists. Ever curious, whenever encountering information I wasn’t aware of previously, I would ask my colleagues, who were always willing to share their knowledge. The open conversation with my managers about my career at HSBC also made it easier to raise the topic. As is typical of HSBC’s culture, my manager was very supportive of the change of roles I was seeking. The chat with my new manager on the requirements of being an investment specialist also made the process very smooth. There are challenges and much to learn, but with an inquisitive mind and supportive colleagues, my managers believe that I can continue to do well in this role.

What do I like most with HSBC?

HSBC has always been very supportive in my career progression. The managers do listen and set up conversations with the appropriate people, putting employees in the position to grow into their role. Where results are proven, rewards are equally reaped. It’s the culture here, and that is what continues to make me stay with the bank.

I’m motivated to continue my career trajectory with the strong backing the bank has provided and my next career milestone would be to progress into a senior specialist or management role.