There are many opportunities for HSBC employees around the world to lend their time and skills to their local community.

At HSBC, we have a long history of encouraging our employees to volunteer their time and expertise to a range of different causes.

working hours
The time spent volunteering with community projects in 2017

As well as benefitting the communities we serve, volunteering can bring great personal rewards – enabling people to build connections, develop new skills, and gain a fresh perspective.

All employees can spend at least one working day a year supporting a project in their local community. In some countries and territories, the bank also runs a scheme where, for every hour an employee spends volunteering outside working hours, it will donate money to the charity or project, too.

There is a wide variety of programmes that HSBC employees can contribute to as a volunteer. These include:

  • Projects to boost employment-related skills
    We are planning to help 1 million people develop employment-related skills by 2020 through partnerships with charities and non-governmental organisations. We also aim to help 1 million people build their financial capability.
  • Children, wildlife, environment and education charities
    These are some of the causes that HSBC employees are passionate about and keen to support in their own time.
  • Networks that promote diversity within HSBC
    Many people choose to lend their time to our employee-led global networks. These groups - which focus on gender, age, ethnicity, LGBT+, faith, working parents and carers, and ability – help to create a culture at the bank where everyone feels included.

HSBC volunteers can take pride in the contribution they make, championing charitable causes and getting involved in their local communities

John Flint, HSBC Group Chief Executive

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