Hang Seng Bank Limited 2017 results - highlights

  • Operating profit up 24% to HK$23,547m (HK$19,034m in 2016)
  • Profit before tax up 24% to HK$23,674m (HK$19,090m in 2016)
  • Attributable profit up 23% to HK$20,018m (HK$16,212m in 2016)
  • Operating profit excluding loan impairment charges and other credit risk provisions up 21% to HK$24,589m (HK$20,347m in 2016)
  • Return on average ordinary shareholders’ equity of 14.2% (12.1% in 2016)
  • Earnings per share up 24% to HK$10.30 per share (HK$8.30 per share in 2016)
  • Fourth interim dividend of HK$3.10 per share; total dividends of HK$6.70 per share for 2017 (HK$6.10 per share in 2016)
  • Common equity tier 1 (‘CET1’) capital ratio of 16.5%, tier 1 (‘T1’) capital ratio of 17.7% and total capital ratio of 20.1% at 31 December 2017. (CET1 capital ratio of 16.6%, T1 capital ratio of 17.9% and total capital ratio of 20.8% at 31 December 2016)

  • Cost efficiency ratio of 30.5% (33.5% in 2016)

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