Kai Ning

Vice President, Premier Relationship Manager Team Head

Wealth and Personal Banking, Singapore

Have you ever met an employer that truly puts employees’ career aspirations first, supporting them in charting their own pathway to achieve their career goals?

I have.

From Wealth Relationship Manager to Bancassurance Specialist

I was a wealth relationship manager at another bank before joining HSBC six years ago as a Bancassurance Specialist. I made the switch because I wanted to try something different in wealth management and explore my potential in other areas. Fortunately for me, joining HSBC has developed my specialist insurance expertise and broadened my horizons, giving me the clarity of seeing what the best is for me, while setting the stage for my long-term career development.

Open conversation in career progression

In my role serving Premier customers as a Bancassurance Specialist at HSBC, I had the opportunity to work with brilliant and experienced Director and Premier Relationship Manager team heads. Learning from them ignited my interest in becoming a wealth relationship manager team head. However, I was not sure how to make the transition to this career path.

It was my second year with HSBC and my Bancassurance line manager, Premier Relationship Manager team heads and Director enquired about my career aspirations. I was so glad they asked and I told them happily that I wanted to be a wealth relationship manager team head. As they had noticed my strengths in leadership and stakeholder management, they gave me the opportunity to prove myself.

From Bancassurance Specialist to Premier Relationship Manager Team Head

In conjunction with a team expansion, I was promoted to lead a team of Personal Wealth Managers and Universal Banking Ambassadors in less than a year. And in my fourth year with the bank, I was promoted to Premier Relationship Manager Team Head. My next career goal is to become a Premier Elite Relationship Manager Team Head.

What do you like most with HSBC?

I am truly glad to be with an employer that does ask us about our career aspirations and that actively helps us to achieve our career goals. HSBC has truly demonstrated that talent management is an integral part to the bank’s business strategy. Not to mention the many collaboration opportunities we have, allowing us to learn from each other and explore wider opportunities at the bank.