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Digital innovation

  • 29 Jul 2021

    Helping a space business reach for the stars

    We’ve financed a space electronics inventor to bring satellite technology to market.

  • 23 Jul 2021

    Our Vision helps companies Go for growth

    HSBC’s virtual community is helping businesses in Hong Kong to bounce back from the pandemic.

  • 18 May 2021

    A world of business opportunity in your wallet

    HSBC Global Wallet users can make and receive payments in multiple currencies using a single account.

  • 16 Dec 2020

    Harnessing the benefits of blockchain

    From trade finance to foreign exchange, find out how blockchain is improving the way we serve customers.

  • 08 Dec 2020

    Helping customers take steps to better health

    HSBC’s new wellness programme is encouraging people to adopt good lifestyle habits.

  • 23 Nov 2020

    A world of banking in your pocket

    HSBC’s new Global Money Account helps customers manage money in multiple currencies easily – wherever they are.

  • 06 Nov 2020

    Embracing digital to enhance our service

    Group Chief Executive Noel Quinn explains how HSBC has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic to better serve its customers.

  • 03 Nov 2020

    Driving digital progress

    How HSBC has been working to make banking simpler, safer and more personalised in 2020.

  • 12 Oct 2020

    Technology’s role in the future of finance

    A common approach to regulation is needed to simplify cross-border payments, HSBC's Diane S Reyes has told the annual Sibos conference.

  • 05 Oct 2020

    Exploring the power of quantum computing

    HSBC is taking part in a research project investigating how this technology could revolutionise industries and improve banking for customers.

  • 18 Sep 2020

    Why it’s good to chat

    HSBC’s chat channels are expected to handle 10 million conversations a month by 2024. Chatbots are helping to meet the rising demand.

  • 07 Sep 2020

    iCash: Managing our ATMs with AI

    HSBC has developed an innovative tool to predict demand for cash at its ATMs and make deliveries more efficient.

  • Points connected by lines on a purple background

    01 Sep 2020

    How blockchain could revolutionise bonds

    HSBC has played a key role in a technology pilot that could transform the way bonds are issued.

  • A girl working on her laptop

    21 Aug 2020

    Young people make a difference with tech

    Discover the apps that were named winners at the Technovation World Summit, supported by HSBC.

  • Cables

    06 Aug 2020

    Asia’s best bank for digital innovation

    A mobile-first digital strategy and global code approach has helped HSBC win a major industry prize.

  • 02 Sep 2019

    HSBC comes top for transaction banking

    Innovative use of technology helped HSBC win at The Banker magazine’s annual awards.

  • 11 Jun 2019

    Supporting tech in the Greater Bay Area

    HSBC has launched a fund for technology companies in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau.

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