Financial and physical well-being often go hand in hand – so at HSBC we want to find ways to support our customers’ health along with their wealth.

That’s the idea behind our new health and wellness programme being launched in Hong Kong by the bank’s insurance business, HSBC Life.

Our new programme, HSBC Life Well+, sets policyholders the target of walking an average of 9,000 steps a day over a 24-month period – and offers valuable rewards based on how well they do.

Participants record their steps using an Apple Watch or iPhone. They can track progress towards their target at the same time as they manage their money by synchronising our mobile banking app with the Apple Health app.

HSBC wins top insurance award

Innovative products and focusing on customers helped the bank take the leading prize at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards.

“Creating good habits starts with small steps and that’s the motivation behind HSBC Life Well+,” said Edward Moncreiffe, Chief Executive Officer, HSBC Life, Hong Kong.

“HSBC Life Well+ is a lifestyle programme that gives customers tangible rewards for their efforts, big or small, so we are proud to show that wellness is not only accessible, but also attainable and sustainable.”

Following its pilot launch in Hong Kong this year, HSBC Life Well+ is expected to be rolled out in other markets next year.

Customers who join the programme earn monthly financial rewards which rise in value in line with their average step count – either a discounted Apple Watch 6 or via our HSBC RewardCash scheme.

The programme is expected to evolve in the future to include a range of personalised activities, targets and rewards available to customers who achieve specific health goals.

“People are increasingly equating wealth with health and overall well-being, as we all continue to tackle one of the world’s most serious health challenges,” added Mr Moncreiffe.

“We see increasing demand from our customers for holistic solutions covering both financial and physical well-being to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.”

HSBC Life Well+ is integrated into our award-winning Insurance Dashboard which sits within HSBC Mobile Banking, allowing customers to manage and track their insurance benefits and values in real-time through the convenience of their smartphone.

HSBC Life Hong Kong was named Life Insurance Company of the Year at the 24th Asia Insurance Industry Awards last month. It’s the first time since 2007 that a Hong Kong insurer has won the top category.

With wealth growing rapidly in Asia, and the number of elderly people rising, there is an increasing need for products that help people plan for the future and ensure their families are looked after.

How much is 9,000 steps?

Based on an average stride length, 9,000 steps equates to a distance of about 4.5 miles or 7 km.

At HSBC, we feel 9,000 steps a day is a realistic target to help our customers strive for better health – which can even be achieved at home if necessary amid COVID-19 restrictions.

Research suggests this amount of activity daily can deliver health benefits including reduced blood pressure, lower body mass index and a stronger immune system.