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It is important to set high standards, take personal accountability, keep an open mind and ask questions

My career at HSBC spans 20 years. I began by working on reception and moved into roles in credit and retail banking. For the past 10 years I have worked in the Global Risk function, which has been particularly rewarding.

I am part of a talented team that is working to transform the bank’s risk governance framework, which has allowed me to learn from and influence colleagues across the Group. At the same time my job description has evolved, providing me with great opportunities to develop my skills.

My degree in sociology helped me to think critically and see the big picture. At a global organisation such as HSBC, this has enabled me to challenge the status quo and help stakeholders to understand what we are aiming to achieve and their role in making it happen.

The Risk Strategy team’s primary objective is to embed an effective risk governance process throughout the organisation, by identifying, quantifying, mitigating and monitoring risks. One of our biggest challenges is the constant need to re-evaluate our priorities to meet increasing regulatory expectations and the strategic requirement to grow the business.

My main task is to support the Head of Risk Strategy and the Chief Risk Officer in their duties to promote effective risk governance and oversight. I am also responsible for managing reports on the top and emerging risks, the risk map and the risk appetite statement for HSBC in Canada. Together these provide a snapshot of the business’s overall risk profile to assist senior management with their decision-making.

It is important to set high standards, take personal accountability, keep an open mind and ask questions. Just showing up is not enough. Consider how you can contribute to the organisation by identifying new or better ways to do your job.

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Graduate Programme Trainee, Commercial Banking - Montreal (Canada)

Take advantage of all the opportunities there are in a bank as global and respected as this. HSBC will push you to stretch your abilities to develop as a professional. My advice to anyone joining is not to shy away and see where it takes you

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Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking - Calgary (Canada)

My favourite aspect of my role as a Relationship Manager in Commercial Banking is that I'm not desk-bound as I spend a third of my time with clients

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