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Global Private Banking Graduate Programme, Private Banking


During my third year at college, HSBC gave a seminar about their values and the opportunities for interns and graduates, and I left feeling eager to discover more about the bank. I completed an internship that summer, and by the end of it I realised that HSBC was the place where I wanted to build a career.

The Private Banking graduate programme gives you a chance to work in different departments so you can get involved in a variety of projects. Each day brings new experiences with fresh challenges, which I love, because I would get bored if I was given the same tasks every day. In addition, HSBC has a close-knit team and a great environment for people who want to learn. There are many knowledgeable employees who are willing to share their expertise.

When I went to HSBC for an assessment centre I immediately knew that it was the company for me

One of my favourite moments of the programme so far was the Global Graduate Induction event. It was mind-blowing! You’re in one room with hundreds of graduates from around the globe; the atmosphere is electric and the inspiration level is through the roof. It helped me to establish many great connections with the graduates I met there.

If I could go back and give myself some advice when applying, I’d tell myself to relax. I was considering a number of companies, but when I went to HSBC for an assessment centre I immediately knew that it was the company for me; it fitted my personality and aligned with my values. You can work hard anywhere but if it is somewhere that feels right for you, it will make a big difference in achieving your ultimate career goals.

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