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It is a bit like being a 'virtual' branch manager

I am the Head of Digital Channels for HSBC Argentina. I am responsible for internet banking services, mobile banking tools and self-service equipment such as ATMs and intelligent deposits machines.

As more and more people are using digital channels for their banking, my remit is not only the development of new technology, but also to find new ways to apply it for customers and generate leads and digital sales.

We aim to make it easier for customers to find the services they need digitally so that they don’t always have to go through a traditional branch and my team also helps define marketing campaigns, launch new digital products or services enhancements, and look for innovations.

We are also working with the branch network to give staff new tablets and with marketing to improve our digital communication through the public web site and social networks.

I joined the company in 2000 with a degree in economics and a Masters in marketing and was a commercial manager in asset management then head of marketing for Retail Banking and Wealth Management in Argentina before taking up this role.

I think a good candidate for HSBC must have good English because you need to communicate with colleagues around the world and a candidate for our department must be flexible, innovative and have commercial skills. It is a bit like being a 'virtual' branch manager.

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