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We have colleagues across the globe. This allows me to learn lots about other cultures and makes me feel part of a global community

I joined HSBC on the IT Apprenticeship Programme in October 2013 after finishing my A levels, and feel that I have settled really well. The apprenticeship involves studying for a BTEC Level 3 and an NVQ.

Although our team is mainly based in the UK, we also have colleagues across the globe, including China and Brazil. This allows me to learn lots about other cultures and makes me feel part of a global community.

I have travelled extensively throughout the UK for courses and meetings. My technical role involves working on critical banking systems and I have received on-the-job training from my colleagues.

I have found working at HSBC to be challenging sometimes, but also rewarding and I would encourage anyone to apply for a job here. Although some people consider IT to be “a man's world”, I would reassure everyone that this certainly isn’t the case. In recent years more women have been taking up roles in IT and my gender certainly has not held me back.

HSBC encourages me to work with local charities and this year we took on a challenge to be part of a national event to find the best UK apprentice team of the year. This allowed me and my colleagues to work with the local community to raise money for charity, give talks to local schools and help a hospice build a willow tunnel for sick children.

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Photo of Lisa Betts

Regional Head, Floor Management, EMEA - London (UK)

I am a big advocate for promoting women and encouraging them to be more confident within the workplace

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