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There are so many opportunities at a global bank for people who are willing to move around

I am a senior audit manager with the Middle East and North Africa regional team. I plan and manage country audits within the region and am studying to qualify as a Certified Internal Auditor.

I joined HSBC in 2001 as manager of operations in the Group Service Centre division, moved to Group Audit in 2004 and have travelled extensively around the region as part of my role ever since.

When I was unable to travel overseas for long periods because of commitments at home, or when I have to take leave at short notice, HSBC has been fully supportive. It is truly an employer that believes in a healthy work-life balance.

I was an active member of the HSBC Community Committee in India and organised several activities including an annual 5km walk to fund medical treatments for children and a scheme to donate computers to a local school and run classes showing them how to use them.

Before joining the bank I had all kinds of jobs; from working in advertising for a tobacco company, to being a client manager in a printing company. I had never been out of India until I took part in an exchange programme when I was younger and spent five weeks in Argentina. Now, I travel all the time. There are so many opportunities at a global bank for people who are willing to move around. You can join the International Manager programme, complete a secondment in any part of the Group or complete a short-term assignment for a project in one of the many countries where the bank has a presence.

You should join with a view to making a career with the bank, not use it as a short term assignment or a stepping board. It takes time to understand the ethos and culture of an organisation.

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