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You need to commit time and energy to support your own development

I had a hard time deciding how I would start my career at first and never thought I would end up in banking. My degree had focused on industrial and management systems engineering, which gave me the option of working in various sectors.

HSBC’s high-performance culture means you need to commit time and energy to support your own development. The mixture of training activities, delivered both in person and online, gave me a wider sense of what was expected of me from the beginning and have helped me to thrive. The bank’s emphasis on values and transparency has also been vital in enhancing my personal and occupational development.

As an Assistant Relationship Manager in Commercial Banking, my responsibilities are varied, mainly because of the different requirements of each client and the scope of their business. We are expected to generate leads, schedule appointments with the right individuals and ensure that we meet or exceed our targets.

My daily activities include client meetings, portfolio management and analysing the financial statements of new and existing customers, as well as updating our knowledge of all the bank’s products, services and credit standards. I also need to keep up to date on the industries and sectors that our clients are involved in. This means I have to be able to handle multiple tasks and liaise with a range of colleagues across the organisation – and have a positive mindset.

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Photo of Marwan Had

Regional Head of Business Implementation, MENA - Dubai (UAE)

The bank’s biggest advantage is the exposure that it provides because of its international presence

Photo of Michael Wilding

Relationship Director, Commercial Banking - London (UK)

If you want to be challenged, to be able to work internationally, to develop wide career experiences and gain cultural exposure, then HSBC is the bank for you

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