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During my internship I had the chance to sit at the Interest Rate Swap desk in the trading floor during a Federal Reserve meeting. I got so much more exposure to markets than I expected

After my internship I came back to HSBC on the graduate programme where I was placed in two teams during my first rotation – US Economics and FX Strategy. I learnt how to be flexible and adapt to the different dynamics of each team.

In US Economics I assist the team with economic forecasts and answering client queries about the US economy. In FX Strategy I help analyse FX movements and develop forecasts for Latin America and G10 currencies.

While the teams have different dynamics and personalities, what stands out is that everyone has the same focus to excel. They are forward-thinking and driven. Everyone looks at things from different angles, trying to find the best solution for clients. Decisions are made from in-depth analysis and there are open team discussions about different approaches and ideas. It is a very innovative and supportive environment in which to learn.

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Photo of Rocio De La Garza

Analyst, M&A Latin America, Global Banking and Markets - New York (USA)

I was given a lot of responsibility during my internship. I experienced the culture of the bank in practice, which made the decision to apply to the global graduate role an easy one

Global Markets Internship

For: University undergraduate

Duration: 10 weeks (16 weeks in Canada)

Areas: Global Banking and Markets

This internship offers penultimate-year degree students experience of sales or trading within Markets, with a view to developing a successful international career in investment banking.

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Global Markets Global Graduate Programme

For: University graduate

Duration: Two years

Areas: Global Banking and Markets

Our two-year rotational programme offers graduates the opportunity to gain experience in sales and trading at HSBC. It will provide the ideal platform to develop a long-term international career in Global Markets.

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