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Recently our branch hosted a quiz for the local cave and mountain rescue team

I joined HSBC in January 2014 after completing my A levels and seeing an advert for a cashier. After only ever banking with HSBC, I knew I had to apply.

My new career began with a five-day training course in Manchester where I met 16 other entrants. Within days it felt like I was part of a family. The next two weeks were spent in the branch with customers. Then we all went back to Manchester to share stories and go over some of the training.

I won a Shine award from my manager for my training and my first six-week learning module. I have also been offered the chance to be part of the talent team for ambitious staff. We are currently coaching and supporting our colleagues to make the most of our internet banking and mobile telephone apps.

We are encouraged to take part in community activities and recently our branch hosted a quiz for the local cave and mountain rescue team. We raised nearly GBP1,000, which the bank will match. It has also helped to strengthen relationships within the community. The bank allows you time to volunteer and I am taking part in the Water Programme, training to become a citizen leader.

HSBC is flexible and supportive in anything you want to do. If you have drive and ambition, you will thrive.

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Photo of Vicky Sotherton

Reporting Manager, Retail Banking and Wealth Management - London (UK)

Despite HSBC being such a large bank, you will find you make connections in almost every business and office

Photo of Bonnie Qiu

Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Taiwan - Taipei (Taiwan)

HSBC is a very open-minded company that accepts graduates from all backgrounds

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