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We’ve not done anything like launching HSBC UK before. So it’s huge.

Currently, I’m working in the Ring-Fencing team which oversees the separation of our Retail and Investment banks, as well as the creation of our brand new UK Head Office in Birmingham. This project has been running for around two years but I only joined the team recently and feel lucky to be part of this rewarding and challenging project.

A business of our size can be tricky to navigate so I also see myself as a facilitator by connecting people and connecting with people – be that for a project, for personal development, to share knowledge or simply to keep someone in the loop. It means we’re able to offer people more scope whether they want to take their career journey in a straight line or whether they want to explore other avenues within other areas of the business. And that’s something I’ve experienced myself.

The thing that always strikes me about HSBC is our size. We are huge. But that translates into a real desire to get things right. We pay attention to things. For a large organisation, we’re also surprisingly upfront about things. I like to think of myself as an honest, open person. Transparency is important to me. I set a great deal of stock by setting relevant, realistic expectations – for myself and for others – based on what I need, what the projects demand and what others who are involved aspire to get from it.

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Photo of Gregg

Portfolio Analyst Manager, Risk - Birmingham (UK)

I started as a cashier in a branch after university and I’ve worked my way up to team management.

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UK Financial Crime and Compliance Manager, Financial Crime Risk - Birmingham (UK)

Everyone I’ve met, regardless of grade, is down-to-earth, approachable and genuinely passionate about their role.

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