Usman Ahmed

Global Banking Graduate Programme, Global Banking and Markets


When I went through the interview process, I was fortunate enough to get a few offers from different firms. Ultimately, the reason I accepted the offer at HSBC was because of the people I met during the process. I was an international student in Canada and being part of a welcoming, international environment at HSBC made me feel instantly at home.

My team is energetic and interesting. We have to keep on top of constantly changing markets, so every day is unique! Of course, that means that when you first start there is a steep learning curve. You learn how to juggle and prioritise multiple tasks and manage expectations along the way. It can be tricky but I am getting better at this every day. As it can be a challenging environment, being hard-working, passionate, and self-motivated is massively important.

Being part of a welcoming, international environment at HSBC made me feel instantly at home.

One of my favourite moments so far at the bank was when I had the opportunity to join senior members of my team on a call to complete a complex transaction. As a young analyst being able to listen to them talking to clients and then tailor the products we offered was so valuable.

If I had to give advice to someone thinking of joining the Global Banking graduate programme, I would say that everyone should make an honest effort to find out what the job is about – by attending campus events and speaking to people who work at HSBC. This will help them to know whether it will be a good fit, and whether they see themselves doing that role for the long-term. There can certainly be some long hours in my role, but for me it is definitely worth it!

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