Thomas David Griffiths

Business Case Development Lead, Technology Graduate Programme

London, UK

Joined in 2019

I applied to the HSBC Technology Graduate Programme while writing up my PhD thesis. The scheme appealed to me because HSBC builds and utilises a lot of technology, invests in innovative solutions to problems and is prepared to try out new ways of doing things – such as using artificial intelligence and data analytics to effectively detect fraud. I wanted the opportunity to get involved in big technology projects, while working for an organisation that provides an important service.

I like the fact that you get put into a team early on in the two-year programme, so you get hands-on experience of working at the bank and do things that make an impact. You're not just helping out from the sidelines or working solely with other graduates.

You can indicate a preference for what you want to do. Some of the roles are very technical, such as engineering or coding jobs. When I joined, I already knew a lot about technology – my undergraduate degree was in computer science, and my doctorate was in artificial intelligence. So I wanted to start in a job that would give me a lot of exposure to the business. Having the specialist knowledge is all very well, but it’s more useful when you can understand it in context.

Getting technical

I’m now working as a project manager in a team that specialises in ‘software as a service’. This is where we use products that are hosted by external vendors – sometimes using them as they are, sometimes adapting them to our specific needs. I am part of a team that looks after the technology used by some of the operational and functional teams, such as human resources and legal, that support the bank’s core businesses.

My job is to develop a framework to evaluate the business cases from different teams for new systems or pieces of technology that they want to use. I need to have a good understanding of the underlying technologies to do it effectively. But I’ve also developed lots of new skills in my role, making sure we do things in a commercially effective way that delivers value for money. As part of the graduate scheme, I’ll soon be able to move into a different role elsewhere in the business, but I’m really enjoying this one at the moment.


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