Image of Sherman Ng

Sherman Ng

Technology Lead, Retail Business Banking

Hong Kong

I have always loved playing computer games with my friends. Fortunately, studying Computer Science in Canada provided the perfect opportunity to meet likeminded people and establish a regular LAN party group.

But simply attending a LAN party is not quite enough. I appreciated the importance of bringing the right hardware along. So, I spent time building a PC specifically for my needs. And although my rig would need to be upgraded from time to time, it remained, at its core, my original creation.

My love of community gaming and socialising has continued even as I’ve moved to new countries and pursued my career in earnest. I was born in Hong Kong before migrating to Canada to see more of the world and attend university. After exploring North America and the UK, I eventually found my way back home. And HSBC has been the perfect fit for me because the bank’s global network enables me to continue growing my career regardless of where my journey takes me.

Now I’m a Senior Project Manager, looking after the Asia-Pacific region. Although I don’t have as much time for gaming as I used to, I stay in touch with my LAN party group and have picked up a new hobby: picking stocks. Today I find poring over the financial news far more exciting than I would ever have thought possible – with the added bonus that it gives me an understanding of global finance.

In addition, I enjoy staying up to date with the latest developments in technology, whether they be in the field of electric cars, space exploration, or tips for the next upgrade to my PC.

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