Image of Sammy Wong

Sammy Wong

Senior Credit Risk Manager, Global Risk

Hong Kong

HSBC’s brand is particularly strong in its home market of Hong Kong, according to Sammy, who joined as a graduate trainee in 2003. She is proud to work for the bank, she says, and her job gives her an insight into businesses and markets all over the world. Watch the video below to find out more about her experience.

HSBC carries a very strong brand, I think, in the heart of the locals. It is actually a home brand to the Hong Konger. And I think working in HSBC, it makes me feel proud. I never hesitate to talk to others about my bank and what I do as my job.

I joined the bank in year 2003 as a graduate trainee at Commercial Banking. Day-to-day life is about credit approvals for wholesale credit in our Commercial Banking and also Global Banking segments.

As a credit approver, you’ll be able to see credit cases from around the globe, not just in one single business or one single industry but also covers a wide spectrum of businesses and needs for Global Banking and also Commercial Banking clients.

I’ve never done a job where I’ll be able to see what it’s like for credit wholesale approval across the globe and not just in the Hong Kong market but also for markets worldwide.

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