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Rain Zeng

Contact Centre Service and Sales Representative


I joined HSBC’s Group Service Centre in Guangzhou on an internship in 2012. Initially I was a member of a contact centre team responsible for recording information and requests from Commercial Banking customers outside normal office hours. I did not have any previous experience, but with guidance from my managers and support from my colleagues I quickly made progress and became a full-time employee of the bank.

Dealing with customers and colleagues helps me to develop my interpersonal and communication skills. It is important to be patient and maintain a positive attitude when handling complaints and find ways to help the customer. The most important skill is empathy, as this allows you to get to the heart of their concerns.

Dealing with customers and colleagues helps me to develop my interpersonal and communication skills

I was appointed to a new role, as a trainer and mentor for a new customer service team. Again, this was a new experience for me, but I quickly developed plans and methods to help them improve their knowledge of HSBC’s products.

I have had the opportunity to take part in a number of training programmes, including an English-speaking skills course as well as a product knowledge course in Hong Kong. Outside work I am studying for a bachelor’s degree in human resource management.

HSBC organises a range of activities for its employees. We sometimes have team-building activities after work to help us get to know each other better. Our sustainability committee also arranges events to help the community, and I recently took part in an initiative to help primary school pupils with their homework.

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