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Johnny Moon

Commercial Banking Graduate Programme


I have always seen HSBC as a big global bank, but it’s only since working here that I’ve really appreciated its size and international network. There are so many teams all over the world working together to help our clients. It is great to be part of it.

I didn’t come from a finance background, having studied geography at university. But the great thing about HSBC is that they really invest time in your learning and development. If they want you to know something, they will teach it to you. Knowing that made me far more confident that I could bring my enthusiasm and diligence to the table – and learn the rest on the job.

The great thing about HSBC is that they really invest time in your learning and development

My team are constantly busy, so it is a fast-paced and dynamic environment. That said, it is also extremely open with lots of different personalities and approaches. Because of this, I’ve learnt how to adapt to different styles and make my voice heard, so that I can be as valuable as possible to my colleagues.

My advice to anyone thinking of applying is do your research. Find out about all the different programmes HSBC offers, and don’t say no to something just because it is unexpected or you don’t quite understand it yet. My first placement was something I knew nothing about, but it was the most fun three months I have had so far!

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