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Jenny McRae

Associate Director, Global Banking and Markets

Sydney, Australia

I have been at HSBC for more than 15 years. It is a company that has allowed me to progress and learn a huge amount both on the job and through an extensive training programme. I have attended credit and lending courses, negotiation and presentation skills, product-related and leadership courses.

I have had various roles in both commercial and global banking. I started out in the graduate trainee programme after doing a degree in Business and spent three months on an executive training programme in the UK. In Australia I worked my way up to become a global relationship manager and am now associate director and regional account manager in the multinationals team.

HSBC provides many opportunities to move roles and develop your career

My job is about developing profitable long-term relationships with clients as well as trying to grow revenues. I am also responsible for staff development, leadership, building a team, operational effectiveness and control and risk management.

I work out of Sydney's head office but have flexible arrangements so I can work remotely from home once a fortnight.

HSBC is a great place - it provides many opportunities to move roles and develop your career. It has given me various opportunities to volunteer, through Global Banking's charity projects, or other organisations I am involved with.

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