Image of Isabella Wong

Isabella Wong

Global Asset Management Graduate Programme

Hong Kong

HSBC was always going to be a natural choice for me as an employer, as I knew I wanted to start my career in an international bank. Once I did my research, though, I also found out about the rotational structure of the graduate programmes, which made me even more excited as I could experience different parts of the bank.

At university I did a degree in actuarial sciences, so I would say I’m comfortable with numbers, spreadsheets, and data handling. That certainly set me up well for starting the Global Asset Management graduate programme. However, I have also learnt a lot since starting too. Working with people from different cultures and different working styles has helped me to develop and practise my communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills, which has been extremely valuable.

Say yes to everything that comes your way, because until you try it, you never know

But it’s not just the work side of things that I am passionate about. In March, our whole team went for an annual dinner, which was so much fun. I’ve also had the chance to become the editor of our team’s newsletter, which has helped me to meet many more people.

If I could go back and give myself some advice when I was applying, I would say: don’t limit yourself to things you think you are interested in. Say yes to everything that comes your way, because until you try it, you never know. That is why the graduate programme is so great – you are given the freedom to explore and find the area of business that interests you most.

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