ESG reporting centre

We publish regular updates and data on our performance in relation to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues.

This includes updates on our activities in support of sustainable finance and our commitments relating to diversity and inclusion. Below you can find:

  • Our latest and historic reports
  • Policies and statements on areas including sustainability risk, human rights and whistleblowing
  • Details of the organisations, groups and initiatives of which we are a member
  • Links to further information on this website on topics such as financial crime risk and green and sustainability bonds

More on ESG

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We’re mobilising finance and accelerating innovation to help drive the transition to a global net zero economy.

Sustainability risk

Download our sector-specific sustainability risk policies and get details of how we apply the Equator Principles.

ESG investors

Find out more about our ESG ratings and targets.

Our commitments and actions

We’re taking action to ensure HSBC is an inclusive workplace where everyone can develop and progress.

Annual General Meeting

Find out what happened at our 2022 AGM.

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