Our technology teams at HSBC Technology India (HTI) use the latest in automation, artificial intelligence, data engineering, machine learning, cloud and biometrics to make banking simpler, better, faster and more secure for our customers.

Based in Hyderabad and Pune, we collaborate with HSBC businesses across the globe. Our teams are growing fast. We are looking for curious and tenacious individuals with the skills to harness technology and make banking simpler and safer.

If you are a fast learner, and keen to work on projects that have the potential to benefit millions of people worldwide, then start looking for IT careers (opens in new window) with us at HSBC Technology India.

We are empowered and encouraged to push the boundaries of technology and to innovate

HSBC plans to invest USD15-17 billion in its business between now and 2020. The majority of this investment will focus on growth and technology – and HSBC Technology India (HTI) has a key role to play.

Since 2002, we have grown significantly to become an integral part of the global HSBC Technology function, with more than 14,000* colleagues across centres in Hyderabad and Pune.

Learn more about what it is like to work for HSBC Technology in India

(duration 5:40) Colleagues in India talk about how they are using technology to change banking around the world

We support a broad range of business areas and activities, including: asset management; commercial banking; liquidity and cash management; trading; insurance; investment banking; payments; brokerage and securities lending; private banking; retail banking; retirement services; risk; treasury services, and wealth management.

Our multi-disciplined teams include information architects, software developers, business analysts, quality assurance and infrastructure experts. We are empowered and encouraged to push the boundaries of technology and to innovate, while collaborating with HSBC businesses across the globe to deliver smarter financial services and solutions to customers. We use more than 90 DevOps tools and Disciplined Agile methodologies to achieve this.

Embracing DevOps and Agile has helped us support customers more effectively. Watch this technology video on YouTube (opens in new window) to find out more.

Note: *14,000 colleagues of HTI include permanent and temporary (direct and indirect contract) employees.

Technology Manifesto 1.0

Our Technology Manifesto 1.0 is a deliberately bold and aspirational vision that challenges and inspires us to become the healthiest, highest performing technology team in our industry.

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