Balance for better (duration 1:13) Highlights from a staff photo competition in which more than 400 HSBC employees shared images of what balance means to them

HSBC supports a better balance

Achieving gender balance has an “enormous role” to play in helping HSBC fulfil its potential and “create an environment that is right for everyone”, Group Chief Executive John Flint has said at an event to mark International Women’s Day.

Speaking at the bank’s London headquarters, Mr Flint said: “Diversity in its broadest sense leads to better outcomes, better decisions and better risk management. We run a business risk by not being representative of the people we serve.

The event, which was webcast live to HSBC employees around the world, featured a panel of colleagues who are all working in a manner that enables them – and other people – to reach their potential.

of HSBC employees work flexibly

Panellists included Sam Cooper-Gray, the Global Co-Chair of Balance, HSBC’s gender diversity network, and Reena Gupta, a mentor whose support has helped her mentee achieve promotion.

Further events to mark International Women’s Day are being held in the bank’s offices in March. They include an event in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and workshops and talks in Dubai, Geneva, Hong Kong, Vancouver and Sydney.

HSBC’s staff-led employee networks, including Balance, have played a key role in organising many of these activities. Founded nine years ago, Balance has more than 48,000 participants who share a goal of creating gender balance at HSBC.

Gender balance at senior levels

HSBC is making progress when it comes to achieving gender balance in senior leadership roles – but recognises that it needs to go further.

The bank has signed up to the 30% Club campaign commitment to ensure that 30 per cent of senior leadership roles are held by women by 2020.

At the end of 2018, 28.2 per cent of such roles were held by women, up from 26.8 per cent in 2017.

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