Technology, Operations and Services

Our Technology, Operations and Services teams are the engine that drives HSBC, making the bank simpler, better and faster for our customers and colleagues. We offer a broad range of career opportunities.

The role of Technology, Operations and Services is to:

  • Develop software and applications to improve HSBC’s customer experience
  • Manage the bank’s IT systems, infrastructure and support
  • Run customer operations and help manage change across the bank
  • Implement major strategic transformation programmes
  • Provide professional services such as procurement and real estate management


HSBC Technology is a global team of technologists whose purpose is to transform the world’s banking experience. We use technology to power the world’s leading international bank, enabling simpler, better and faster banking, while keeping people’s money safe and their data secure. It’s our job to build the platforms and partnerships that affect millions of people each day. Find out more about careers in Technology.


Operations is HSBC’s largest global function. Our global team of 36,000 colleagues in 52 countries and territories manages the delivery of services for customers, including 1.7 trillion payments a year. Operations is using technology and innovation to transform the way we work and make our customers’ lives easier. Read more about careers in Operations.


Global Procurement plays a fundamental role in the day-to-day provision of goods and services for the HSBC Group. Our primary focus is to deliver commercial value through all areas of procurement worldwide. We work closely with other parts of HSBC to provide leadership of the bank’s third-party supplier relationships.

Corporate Real Estate

CRE manages HSBC’s property portfolio for the benefit of our businesses, customers and colleagues and is responsible for a network of around 4,500 buildings in 66 countries and territories. We manage everything from data centres and offices to retail outlets and residences. Our mission is to ensure that customers and colleagues on HSBC premises benefit from a safe, well-managed environment.

COO Office

The COO Office manages risk and administration activities for operational areas across HSBC, provides leadership and guidance that enables us to fulfil our business risk, control and operational support responsibilities, and ensures excellence in the delivery of our services.

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