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Our business areas

Commercial Banking

We serve businesses ranging from small enterprises to large multinationals in almost 60 markets worldwide.

Global Banking and Markets

We provide financial services and products to corporates, governments and institutions.

Global Private Banking

We work with business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and their families to grow, manage and preserve their wealth.

Retail Banking and Wealth Management

We help close to 50 million customers worldwide to manage their finances and protect and build their financial futures.

HSBC Technology and Services

We provide operational and technical support across the Group and help to improve the bank’s efficiency and customer service.

Global Functions

These are the operational teams that support our work – from human resources and marketing to strategy and risk.

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We connect customers to opportunities through our international network of more than 6,100 offices in 73 countries and territories.

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We are committed to building a sustainable business for the long term, embracing diversity and inclusion, and putting the right values into practice.