Services industries boost trade

Services trade is likely to remain a bright spot for exporters, according to a new HSBC report.

Don’t fear China’s overseas acquisitions

Gordon French on the drivers behind China's record-high overseas acquisitions.

Understanding the tech consumer

New technologies are reshaping consumer behaviour. Businesses may need to adapt as a result.

China’s transition

China’s economic transition offers opportunities for global businesses, says Stuart Gulliver.

China paves road to growth

China’s infrastructure plans could present opportunities for international companies.

Poland on the New Silk Road

Poland and China aim to take trade, investment and economic cooperation to a new level.

RMB joins the club

China’s RMB has taken another step in its journey towards becoming a global currency.

HSBC tops poll

The bank has been named Best Global Cash Manager for 2016 in a Euromoney magazine survey.

Tomorrow’s consumers

Noel Quinn explains how exporters could benefit from the growth of the global middle class.

UK needs to up trade game

It’s time for the UK to boost its services exports to fast-growing economies, says Stuart Gulliver.