A city to suit every expat

HSBC’s latest Expat Explorer survey reveals what attracts expatriates to different cities.

A world-class education

Parents sending their children abroad to study need to weigh up the costs carefully.

The generation gap

Working-age people expect to save for far longer towards their retirement than today’s retirees.

How far will you go?

Parents make big sacrifices to fund their children’s education, an HSBC study shows.

A future to look forward to

Planning can help people feel more confident about the future, says HSBC’s Charlie Nunn.

Someone else’s problem?

A new HSBC report examines attitudes towards financial protection in 12 different markets.

Don’t retire your ambitions

Many people aim to enjoy a healthy and adventurous retirement, says HSBC’s Charlie Nunn.

The desire to retire

The latest HSBC Future of Retirement report underlines the importance of saving early.