Tackling climate change together

Can private businesses and public bodies join forces successfully to build a low-carbon economy?

China: From green laggard to green leader

China is ploughing billions into clean energy and promoting the use of electric vehicles.

Financing green cities

Tweaking financial rules could encourage institutional investors to back green infrastructure.

Climate change: risks and opportunities

André Brandão explains how HSBC helps customers respond to environmental challenges.

A wave of green power in Mexico

HSBC is boosting its use of renewables by buying power from a new windfarm in Mexico.

Sustainable cities, smart cities

Cities have a vital part to play in fighting climate change and building a low-carbon future.

The future of green energy

Robert Todd explores some of the new technologies and trends reshaping the low-carbon sector.

Making the Paris climate deal work

Zoe Knight, Head of HSBC’s Climate Change Centre of Excellence, talks about the COP 22 climate change conference in Marrakech and how it could boost international efforts to mitigate climate change.

Green finance in action

The proceeds of HSBC’s first-ever green bond are supporting projects in 10 countries.

Financing China’s green ambitions

China is well placed to be a global leader in the fight against climate change, according to HSBC's Helen Wong but securing new investment will be vital for the country to meet its environmental goals.