The rise of China’s supercities

Plans for 19 supercity clusters are the heart of the next phase of the country’s urbanisation.

Towards a more strategic UK-China relationship

The UK and China could benefit from closer cooperation in areas such as infrastructure and sustainability, says HSBC Group Chairman Mark Tucker.

Green opportunities on the Belt and Road

The Belt and Road Initiative is a key part of China’s efforts to tackle climate change.

A milestone for China’s markets

Increased foreign investment could help ambitious Chinese companies innovate and grow.

China goes international

Chinese people are studying, holidaying and working overseas in unprecedented numbers.

Connecting China to the world

HSBC’s 25 China desks provide advice and support to Chinese companies expanding overseas.

Asia Investor and Analyst Seminar 2018

Read information and download presentations from HSBC’s three-day Asia roadshow for investors and analysts in April 2018

Payments app takes two prizes

An HSBC app that makes it easier to pay back friends has won two technology awards.

Belt and Road up and running

China’s plan to improve links with key trading partners is taking shape fast, says Peter Wong.

China sets a green example

The Belt and Road Initiative could be a chance to showcase high standards in sustainable design.