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HSBC India is an equal opportunities employer. We work hard to ensure that we have a diverse workforce and inclusive working environment. We have signed the Confederation of Indian Industry’s and ASSOCHAM’s Code of Conduct for Affirmative Action, which requires companies to:

  • Recognise that their competitiveness is closely linked with the wellbeing of all parts of Indian society

  • Acknowledge that equal opportunity in employment for all sections of society is a component of their growth and competitiveness, and that such inclusive growth contributes to India’s development

  • Recognise that diversity to reflect socially disadvantaged sections of society in the workplace has a positive impact on business

  • Avoid practising or supporting conscious discrimination in any form

  • Avoid treating job applicants from disadvantaged sections of society less favourably if they possess the skills and credentials for the job as advertised

  • Select business partners based solely on normal business parameters. Where these are equal, they will choose a partner belonging to a socially disadvantaged section of society

  • Have a written policy statement on affirmative action in the workplace

  • Place an employment policy in the public domain

  • Provide training that enables employees from socially disadvantaged sections of society to improve their capabilities and skills

  • Form partnerships with educational institutions to support students from socially disadvantaged sections of society

  • Have a senior executive, accountable to the CEO, to oversee and promote affirmative action policies and programmes and present a biannual report on them to the company’s board

  • Have a policy to maintain records on affirmative action

  • Share their knowledge and experiences of affirmative action with other companies that want to adopt such policies

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