Alumnus, the Accelerating Wealth Programme (AWP)

Premier Relationship Manager, HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking


Where did you work before joining the Accelerating Wealth Programme, and how did you discover the programme?

I started as an advisor at AXA in September 2020, where I received the Top rookie agent – 2020, and the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) – 2021 accolades.

As AXA Singapore is part of HSBC Life, one day in October 2022 I received an internal email about the Accelerating Wealth Programme. For me, it was a window of opportunity to move from insurance agency to banking. So, without hesitation I submitted my application.

Why did you make the switch from your previous role? What is your career aspiration for being an RM?

I wanted to gain a more specialised focus on financial advisory. This transition has allowed me to apply my skills in a more focused manner, providing personalised guidance and deepened my expertise in financial areas.

My career aspiration is to grow in this role and be able to manage a team in 3-5 years.

How long is the whole Accelerating Wealth Programme? Is it just a training programme?

I submitted my application in October 2022 and I underwent online assessments, interviews and discussions in November. I was shortlisted for the programme in December and passed the qualifying exams*in February 2023. I then took on the position of Premier Relationship Manager (PRM) at the Raffles Place branch in May 2023.

Tell us a couple of things you appreciated about the AWP journey.

Firstly, skills-based assessment is the right way to choose candidates who have the potential to be a wealth relationship manager but do not have wealth management knowledge yet. It has opened up a career switch option for people who want to get into the wealth management industry and have the required transferrable skills.

Secondly, given the amount of training involved, the phased learning structure was very effective in helping us to gradually gain the necessary understanding of the requirements of being a Premier Relationship Manager.

Thirdly, all the help, be it from HR, the Degreed team (HSBC University team), or the training team, was provided in a timely and helpful manner throughout the journey.

What is a day in your life as a Relationship Manager like?

A typical day of an RM involves:

  • Proactively reaching out to clients, introducing yourself and scheduling appointments
  • Holding meetings with clients to understand their financial goals
  • Discussing investment strategies
  • Reviewing portfolio performance
  • Collaborating with internal teams
  • Keeping abreast of market trends
  • Continuously building and nurturing client relationships through effective communication and personalised financial guidance

The role also requires managing administrative tasks and addressing client enquiries from time to time.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Fostering meaningful connections with my clients and seeing the positive impact my guidance has on their financial wellbeing is personally satisfying. Building trust has also brought me a sense of fulfilment. On a personal level, it allows me to plan my investments with first-hand knowledge of market trends.

How would you describe AWP to others?

I would say that this is a role which provides continuous learning, gives you exposure to diverse financial scenarios and the chance to make a meaningful impact on clients’ financial success. It’s a compelling choice for people who enjoy both finance and relationship-building.

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