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Careers in Retail Banking and Wealth Management offer the chance for progression, both through promotion and opportunities to work in different areas of the business

Retail Banking and Wealth Management provides HSBC’s personal customers with a range of banking services, from current accounts, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages to savings, investments, insurance and wealth management. We serve customers through four main routes: our branch network, self-service terminals, call centres and internet and mobile banking channels.

Opportunities in Retail Banking and Wealth Management

There are many career opportunities in Retail Banking and Wealth Management, from customer service and relationship management jobs in branches to roles in product development, sales, strategy, asset management and insurance. Generalist, specialist and managerial roles are available at all levels.

The employees who work in our network of branches and contact centres are the face of HSBC. They play a vital part in ensuring that we provide a high-quality service to millions of customers worldwide. Roles vary, from the staff who meet the day-to-day banking needs of personal customers to the relationship managers who help them to achieve their financial goals.

They are supported by a series of specialist teams, which work in areas including:

  • Products and propositions. This team ensures that the bank has the most appropriate product range and pricing and delivers high-quality customer service and handles complaints effectively. They also help to develop product marketing campaigns

  • Strategy and planning. The strategy and planning team analyses markets and opportunities to identify potential sources of competitive advantage. It also reviews performance against agreed plans, including our business transformation initiatives, and works with finance to produce monthly and quarterly reporting

  • Digital banking. Our digital team is responsible for managing our internet banking services and mobile apps

Retail Banking and Wealth Management has operations in three other key areas, which also offer a range of roles. These are:

  • Wealth Management. We help the bank’s retail and private clients to grow, manage and preserve their wealth, through services such as HSBC Premier. Our wealth management teams provide financial planning and advice and market insight and updates, as well as products in areas such as investments, deposits, insurance, financing and foreign exchange. They include relationship managers, who work to understand the financial needs of clients and create strategies to meet their objectives, as well as technical product experts, sales managers and support staff

  • Global Asset Management. We are responsible for the investment of funds and the design of investment products across the HSBC Group, serving the bank’s customer base of retail and private clients, intermediaries, corporates and institutions. We manage investments in segregated accounts and pooled funds. As well as investment management, the team includes roles in areas such as business and product development, client strategy and transaction and settlement operations

  • HSBC Insurance. Our insurance teams manage the design and pricing of our insurance products, which include life assurance and pension schemes as well as vehicle, home, health and income protection cover. They also handle the bank’s relationships with our specialist insurance partners

Careers in Retail Banking and Wealth Management offer the chance for progression, both through promotion and opportunities to work in different areas of the business.

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Pablo Sanchez

Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, USA and Canada

The ability to have credit and to gain credit for people has really changed people's lives, their standard of living all around the world

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