Our commitments and actions

We’re taking action to ensure HSBC is an inclusive workplace where everyone has the opportunity to develop and progress.

Different ideas and perspectives help us innovate and grow in a sustainable way. But we know we aren’t yet diverse enough at all levels.

Our global targets for diverse representation

We are committed to increasing our gender and ethnicity representation in senior leadership, and our Group Executive Committee are accountable for these targets.

Per cent
Fact: Our target is to have 35 per cent of senior leadership roles filled by women by 2025

Global gender representation

In 2018, we set a target to achieve 30% women in senior leadership by 2020, which we achieved with 30.3%. We extended our target to 35% by 2025 – which we are on track to meet.

As at 30 June 2022, the number of women in senior leadership was 32.5%.

At least double
Fact: Our target is to at least double the number of Black employees in senior leadership by 2025

Global ethnicity representation

In July 2020, we made a commitment to diversify the ethnicity of our senior leadership. We set a target to double the number of Black colleagues in senior leadership positions by 2025. The focus for this target is in the UK and US where Black colleagues are particularly under-represented compared to the local population.

In 2021, we grew our number of Black senior leaders by 17.5%.

We want to better reflect the communities we serve, and to do this we need to address the specific challenges that vary market by market. We have enhanced our approach to enable our markets to set locally meaningful, data-driven goals and take focussed action.

Our four priorities

We have made progress but we know we still have more to do. Our four priorities are focused on actions that drive wider diversity and inclusion across the organisation:

How we hire directly influences how diverse we are. We are focused on ensuring our hiring processes continue to be fair, transparent and inclusive for all. This ensures we attract and hire the strongest candidates including those from diverse talent pools and provide a positive candidate experience.

Our actions:

  • In February 2021, we introduced mandatory training for all active hiring managers on addressing all kinds of bias. 13,715 hiring managers have completed this in 2021
  • We have expanded our recruitment partners to include specialist firms, improving the diversity of shortlisted candidates and hires. In 2021, 37.6% of externally hired senior leaders were women (up 6.0% on previous year) and 3.2% were Black colleagues (up 1.1% on previous year)
  • We target a wider student population to improve the diverse representation of our global graduate intake. In 2021, 51.7% of new graduates were women (up 7.8% on previous year) and 1.9% of new graduates were Black (up 0.9% on previous year)

Note: The ethnicity representation data is based on employees who have declared their ethnicities, in markets where it is legally permissible/culturally acceptable to collect this information.

Our leadership teams need to better represent the communities we serve. To support this, we are focused on ensuring our development and promotion processes continue to be fair and equitable. We have programmes in place for under-represented groups to help their progression opportunities.

Our actions:

  • We have increased the number of employees from under-represented groups on our accelerated leadership programmes. In 2021, 51.4% of our ‘Accelerating into Leadership’ participants came from a diverse ethnic background
  • We have a greater focus on representation of women and colleagues from diverse ethnic backgrounds in succession planning for senior roles. 43.2% of all colleagues promoted into senior leadership were women (up 4.9% from previous year) and 2.1% were Black colleagues (up 1.5% from previous year)
  • Our Group Executive Committee and senior management now sponsor a more diverse range of colleagues

Note: The ethnicity representation data is based on employees who have declared their ethnicities, in markets where it is legally permissible/culturally acceptable to collect this information.

We want everyone to feel included, valued and respected at work. We’re removing potential barriers and encouraging our leaders to help build an inclusive environment where difference is celebrated and colleagues choose to stay and develop their careers.

Our actions:

  • We have increased the number of employees participating in inclusion training programmes including Mental Health Awareness, Inclusive Allyship, Unconscious Bias and Active Bystander Training. Our digital accessibility training sessions were attended by 15,000 employees and partners
  • Executive sponsorship of our global networks is provided by the Group Executive Committee, who champion these employee resource groups (ERG) and drive change. In 2021, we expanded support by aligning Non-Executive Directors of the Holdings Board to each ERG
  • Our inclusive policies support employees through different life stages and promote better work-life balance. We are embedding hybrid working across the majority of our roles
  • ‘We value difference’ is one of our values. All our employees’ performance is assessed against both what they achieve and how they demonstrate our values

A more inclusive society means opportunities for everyone. We’re making banking more accessible and fair and working with other organisations to drive meaningful, inclusive change.

Our actions:

  • We are investing in academic sponsorship programmes that help diverse young people enter our industry, and skills-building programmes for under-represented groups in the community
  • We are removing barriers that customers can face in accessing financial services and products
  • As part of HSBC Roar - our customer coaching and networking programme - we are empowering female entrepreneurs to increase the scale of their businesses
  • Our retail banking apps have been redesigned in line with Content Accessibility Guidelines and we transformed the physical appearance of our credit and debit cards to make them more accessible
  • We are partnering with more diverse suppliers – businesses that are at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a traditionally under-represented group

Global diversity data

We’re creating an accurate and transparent view of our workforce so we can effectively target our actions and measure our progress.

Enduring the pandemic together

We are continuing to support customers and communities affected by Covid-19 outbreaks in 2022.

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