Risk and responsibility

We actively manage risk to protect and enable our business

Courageous integrity

HSBC has maintained a conservative and consistent approach to risk throughout its history. This has helped us protect customers, lend responsibly and support the sustainable growth of the economies we serve. An active approach to managing risks remains key to our continued success.

Our values of being open, connected and dependable go to the heart of our approach. All employees are expected to act with courageous integrity. This means speaking up, escalating concerns, and doing right by our customers, communities and each other.

On these pages you can find further details of key risk areas we assess, including sustainability, conduct, financial crime, operational and reputational risk. More information can also be found in the Group’s Annual Report and Accounts.

Our conduct

Operating with high standards of conduct is central to our long-term success. We have processes, policies and a culture designed to deliver fair outcomes for customers and protect the integrity of financial markets.

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  • Sustainability risk

    HSBC seeks to ensure that the financial services we provide to our customers to support economic development do not result in an unacceptable impact on people or the environment.

  • Financial crime risk

    In line with our ambition to be recognised as the world’s leading international bank, we aspire to set the industry standard for knowing our customers and detecting, deterring and protecting against financial crime.

  • Operational risk

    Operational risk is the risk to achieving our strategy or objectives as a result of inadequate or failed internal processes, people and systems or from external events.

  • Reputational risk

    We have an unwavering commitment to operating at high standards. Any lapse in standards of integrity, compliance, customer service or operating efficiency represents a potential reputational risk.

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Tax transparency

We apply the spirit as well as the letter of the law in all territories where we operate, and have adopted the UK Code of Practice for the Taxation of Banks.

Health and safety

At HSBC, we are committed to providing a safe physical environment for our customers and employees as well as those who work with us.

Working with suppliers

We are committed to the fair treatment of the businesses who supply goods and services to HSBC – and expect them to operate responsibly, in line with our values.

Modern Slavery Act

The UK’s Modern Slavery Act came into force in 2015. On this page, HSBC explains how it applies policies and procedures under the provision of this Act.

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